ColleensigningThe beautiful Mer elves of Elf~Fin are the stunning creations of Julie Ditrich and Jozef Szekeres, who bring you a tale of wonder, and innocence, and great charm! Gorgeously painted, this lovely story is a tale with heart, fantastic imagination, and romance. My highest recommendation!’

— COLLEEN DORAN, Illustrator and Graphic Novelist
A Distant Soil and Gone to Amerikay

Thomas CampiElf Fin offers a vision of lives and of love in an undersea adventurous world . This exciting story of Hyfus and Tilaweed fighting for their freedom and looking for the true enduring love will move you and enchant you and entertain you in the best way. Beyond inspiring.”

— THOMAS CAMPI, Illustrator and Graphic Novelist
Julia and Les Petites Gens


Sarah EllertonStunning! Szekeres’ colourful hand-painted panels easily draw you into Ditrich’s fascinating seabound society… an exciting yet poignant story of love and betrayal, featuring complex characters intertwined with a deeply imaginative and cohesive underwater world. With Elf-Fin: Hyfus & Tilaweed, the creators are bringing mermaids to the forefront of fantastical graphic literature with mature story-telling and uniquely beautiful art. A must-read for any lover of the genre.

— SARAH ELLERTON, Comic Book Artist
Finding Gossamyr and Phoenix Requiem

James Owen“Creating something with a high level of craft is actually very easy — talent is everywhere these days, and learning the skills to make something that looks great isn’t very difficult either. Creating something with a Pop Culture sensibility is harder, because that involves keeping an eye on what serves the commercial aspects of a project, and a lot of creators just don’t have those chops. And it is incredibly difficult to create something with heart, that will speak to readers in a deeper way than the gloss of craft and pop that may be on the surface will. Hardest of all is creating something that includes all three: high levels of craft, a glorious pop sensibility, and true, honest-to-goodness heart — but that’s a great description of Elf-Fin. It’s wonderful stuff, and I look forward to seeing where it goes.”

—JAMES A. OWEN, Author and Illustrator
Here, There Be Dragons and Drawing Out the Dragons: A Meditation on Art, Destiny and the Power of Choices

Sophie MassonA gripping and poignant story, vivid characters, and an exotic, beautiful and threatened underwater world, brilliantly evoked in glorious illustrations, all make this a truly special collaboration between writer Julie Ditrich and artist Jozef Szekeres. As one of the early readers of the Preview, I’m delighted to be plunging back into the blue and green depths of Elf-Threaal, and the secrets, mystery, danger and passion of the story of Hyfus and Tilaweed.

Moonlight and Ashes and The Secret Army: Operation Loki

Carolyn TurgeonAn inventive, imaginative, wholly original mer comic book series about life under the sea. The passions and betrayals of the Elf~Fin, combined with the lush art depicting them, will keep you riveted.”

Mermaid and The Fairest of Them All