Tides of Hope

Tides of Hope is an Australian comics anthology which features over 40 Australian and international creators who contributed stories to help the 2011 Queensland Flood Relief victims. BMP contributed a story called “Hope Floats”.

Title: Tides of Hope
Supanova Publications
Year of Publication:
Format: Comic book anthology
Edition: First
Price: AUD$10.00
Length: 32 pages (with 31 pages of stories and pinups)
Story Title: “Hope Floats”
Story Length: One page
Writer: Julie Ditrich
Artist: Jozef Szekeres
Synopsis: When a family is swept off the rooftop of their house during a terrifying deluge, they find help from the most unlikeliest of places and creatures.
Availability:  Out of print / limited number available through Supanova Pop Culture Convention


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