Story of the Black Mermaid®


The Black Mermaid® logo was conceived in 1991 after we named our creative partnership. We wanted the word “mermaid” in our business brand, as well as an adjective to describe her, so we went through a list of colours. When we mentioned “black” we all instinctively knew it was the right combination of words to describe the essence and spirit of who we were. Jozef then created the logo image that would go with our name. These aspects were formalised in 1993 with our business name registration and when she made her appearance on our corporate stationery. We soon discovered that she became a popular and identifiable character in her own right. When we started planning our first website in 1998, we decided to use our black mermaid as a hostess to introduce each web page to our readers. She appeared in several (often symbolic) incarnations throughout the BMP website in what was soon to become our Classic Black Mermaid® set of illustrations. Since that time she has gained a Facebook fan page and following in her own right, and appears on a range of products and collectibles in our Black Mermaid® Boutique. You can view the entire collection of images on our Gallery page.